Movie Review : Talvar

Talvar: The naked truth of justice

There are just movies and there are some movies which shows you the stark reality of society and judiciary system and you question WHY….IF ONLY…and it stays in your lingering thoughts long after the movie is over….”Talvar” is one such movie….

Based on the Arushi murder case…”Talvar” written by Vishal Bharadwaj tells the story of the complete investigation Talvar Reviewof a 14 year old girl Shruti, and the prime suspects being her parents, Father Ramesh Tandon (Neeraj Kabi) and mother Nutan Tandon (Konkona Sen Sharma). It captures how incompetent behaviour of our judicial system completely destroys the truth and to cover the incompetency how things are twisted and in the bargain justice is denied….

Vishal Bharadwaj very beautifully writes the various aspects and theories behind the murder as per various investigations and people. Almost on the format of Akiro Kurusawa’s “Roshomon” the screenplay is tight and griping and its pace does not slip even for a second. The sequences depicting the various theories of the murder is interwoven beautifully and it shows how much research has gone behind writing the screenplay. Some sequences are just brilliant like the way the investigation is conducted for the first time by the Police when the murder is conducted or the pre climax sequence of the CBI department meeting when both the theories are discussed. It also shows how in today’s world media plays a vital role in building our perceptions and we believe it too the way it is presented in the media. The writing is undoubtedly the highlight of the movie but it is the dialogues which takes the script to the next level…

Next highlight of the movie is the brilliant ensemble cast and their performances. Irrfan Khan as Ashwini Kumar the Investigating officer from CBI is brilliant and gives a crackling performance of an honest and righteous officer who will go to any lengths to prove the truth. Neeraj Kabi as Ramesh Tandon (based on Dr Rajesh Talwar) had the most difficult role but he does it like a cake walk and yet again shows what a brilliant actor he is, the pathos and helplessness of a father is portrayed by Neeraj Kabi brilliantly. Konkona Sen Sharma as Nutan Tandon (based on Dr. Nupur Talwar) gives a crackling performance yet again; the mystery that she brings to the character is just brilliant. The rest of the cast Gajraj Rao, Sohum Shah, Atul Kumar, Sumit Gulati & Prakash Belawadi are all brilliant. Tabu in cameo is good….

The camera work by Pankaj Kumar is as realistic as the subject and maintains the mystery with the correct visuals. The production design Subrata Chakraborty & Amit Ray is so realistic that you get the feeling that the film is shot at the locations where the murder happened. Costume design by Abhilasha Sharma keeps the costume true to life and complements the realistic theme….

The last Highlight and definitely not least is the captain of the ship director Meghna Gulzar, who comes to her own with “Talvar”. She shows what she is actually is capable of and kudos to her for taking up such a subject about which a lot has been written. The brilliance in which she has directed and presented the movie it is as if it is directed by a seasoned director “Talvar” can be easily put as one of the best of thrillers in Bollywood and the first for a woman director in Bollywood….

I will go with 4 and a half stars…..

Movie Rating: (4.5 / 5)

Movie Review : Hawaa Hawaai

Hawaa Hawaai : Inspirational movie on making dreams come true

Amol Gupte has a forte of working with kids whether it was Taare Zameen Par, Satnley Ka Dabba or now Hawa Hawai

Amol again teams up with his son Partho and gives a riveting tale of Arjun Waghmare (Partho Gupte) a boy working in a tea stall who dreams of learning skating. The story revolves around how Arjun with his bunch of street kid friends make his dream a reality.

The biggest plus of Amol Gupte as a writer is he captures nuances well and keeps the emotions subtle yet heart wrenching and he does the same Hawaa Hawaaiwith Hawa Hawai. The screenplay captures the life of street kids with élan and makes us believe in having dreams and fulfilling it as well. Some of the sequences are written so well that I had a lump. The story & screenplay is bang on albeit it could have been a liitle bit shorter.

Performance wise it is the kids who steal the show, Partho as Arjun is brilliant and in each frame he puts his nuances and makes you fall in love with his character. Ashfaque Bismillah Khan as Gochi the mechanic is incredible, he makes you fall in love from the word go. Salman Chote Khan as Bhura is another jewel of this movie. Maman Meman as Abdul a child labor in a weaving factory touches your heart. It is these kids who take the movie a notch higher. Saqib Salim as the skating instructor as Lucky creates an impact, this is an actor to watch out for. Special mention of Neha Joshi who plays Arjun’s widowed mother is too good; her portrayal is subtle yet impactful. Rest of the cast Makrand Deshpande, Anuj Sachdeva, also does a good job.

Cinematography by Amol Gole & Vikas Sivaraman is warm and captures the slum as well as the high rise apartment with equal impact. Production design by Subrata Chakroborty & Amit Ray is realistic. Music by Hitesh Sonik could have been better.

Amol Gupte again proves that he understands child psychology well and gives us a heart wrenching movie of dreams coming true. I will go with 4 stars….