Movie Review: The Ghazi Attack

The Ghazi Attack: A befitting salute to The Indian Navy

The Ghazi Attack Movie ReviewWar movies are very few in Bollywood, and there are very few directors like J. P. Dutta in 90’s or Chetan Anand in 60’s who take the pain to explore the subject. War movie genre that is inspired by real life incident was last seen in “LOC” in 2003.

“The Ghazi Attack” dares to explore the genre, but this time it is the Indian Navy which is explored which I think is for the first time in Bollywood that a movie on Indian Navy has been made, so apt tag line “First Under water War Movie”…

“The Ghazi Attack” is inspired by a classified mission of the Indian Navy in 1971, which resulted in destroying the submarine from Pakistan named Ghazi.

Written by Sankalp Reddy, Niranjan Reddy & Gunnam Gangraju, “The Ghazi Attack” has been written in a thriller format which keeps you engaged throughout the run time of 2 hours and 5 minutes. The script is full of twists and turns, though we all know the end but hats off to the writing team who keep the surprise element intact. A proper study has gone behind writing of the script which comes out quite obvious as most part of the movie the procedures, the discipline and code of conduct of the Navy is correctly portrayed. Each character has its significance in the script and no time is wasted on unnecessary sequences which are irrelevant to the subject. Though at the end there is a bit of chest thumping patriotism which as per my opinion was not required in such a realistic theme. The dialogues written by Azad Alam is apt and to the point which consolidates the crisp narration. The writing creates the required patriotism without going overboard on emotion and melodrama.

Other than the writing the ensemble cast adds up to the movie watching experience. Rana Daggubati as Lt Commander Arjun Varma looks and acts like a naval officer, his looks blends with the character and he acts well. The crackling performance comes from Kay Kay Menon who portrays Captain Ranvijay Singh, a straight forward and extremely ruthless captain. Kay Kay Menon lives the character throughout the narration and never goes overboard which was risk for such a character, but he fares with flying colours as Captain Ranvijay Singh. Another performance which creates an impact is of Atul Kulkarni who plays Executive officer Devraj, his underplayed portrayal wins the hearts of the audience, this is the second winner for Atul after a brilliant performance in “Raees”. You would end up remembering both Kay Kay Menon and Atul Kulkarni after the movie gets over. Taapsee Pannu as a Bangladeshi refugee has a miniscule role and her presence does not make any difference to the narration. Rahul Singh as the Pakistani commander Razaq Khan, brings the required cunningness and shrewdness in the character and never goes overboard with his menacing act. Rest of the cast Om Puri, Nassar, Milind Gunaji , Bikramjeet Kanwarpal and many other actors who play soldiers do a brilliant job making the movie a delight to watch.

Debutant director Sankalp Reddy hits the bull’s eye with his first movie. He keeps the narration as realistic as possible with a thriller edge which keeps you glued till the end. Such movies have the risk of looking like a documentary, but Sankalp makes the movie as entertaining as possible. He has extracted some brilliant performances from the ensemble cast. Welcome Sankalp Reddy to Bollywood, we look forward for more such riveting cinema.

Amongst the technical side there are Five things that stand apart, one the production design by Shivam Rao, who has successfully created the set of the submarine so well that you feel that you are inside a real submarine and not a make believe. Second is the editing by A. Sreekar Prasad, which is so razor sharp that you never have a dull moment throughout the movie. Third is the VFX, which is the biggest star of the movie, it is not completely at par with Hollywood but still it does not disappoint, and makes your experience memorable. Fourth being the costume design by Ashwanth Byri, he gets the men in uniform bang on without any frills. And last not the least is the cinematography by Madhie, which adapts to the mood and the narration of the movie well.

“The Ghazi Attack” is a salute to the Indian Navy and a must watch for every Indian, I will go with Four Stars…

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Movie Review: Ghayal Once Again

Ghayal Once Again: Hardly anything to be “Ghayal” About

Ghayal Once Again Movie ReviewOnce upon a time in Bollywood there was a genre called the Deol genre which meant shouting in the name of acting and Super human powers accompanied with “Dhai Kilo ka Haath” where people used to fly if Sunny Deol gave them one punch, the adrenalin rush made box office hits. But that was 1990’s but now we are in 2016, and today Bollywood movies have seen a sea change in the way the movies are made and presented….

But unfortunately “Ghayal Once Again” belongs to the 1990’s genre of Bollywood action movies where the hero is the supreme power and has the capacity to change the society single handedly….

So the story of “Ghayal Once Again” starts where “Ghayal” (1990) ends and Ajay Mehra (Sunny Deol) who is out of jail and suffering for nero issues (which is not made clear whether it was mental issue or neuro issue)and runs an honest newspaper “Satyakam” which is famous for its various sting operations and expose. Things changes for Arun when his good friend and confidant Ex ACP Joe D’Souza (Om Puri) gets killed in an accident, but his whole world gets completely changed when a bunch of college kids comprising of Rohan (Shivam Patil), Anushka (Aanchal Munjal), Varun (Rishab Arora)  and Zoya (Daina Khan) accidental shoot the video of Joe D’Souza’s murder by city’s richest businessman Raj Bansal’s( Narendra Jha) son Kabir Bansal (Abhilash Kumar) and the real reason of Joe D’Souza’s death surfaces. Is Arun able to get justice for Joe’s murder is what the movie is all about..

Story written by Shaktimaan Talwar, Sagar Pandya and Sunny Deol himself and screenplay by Sanjay Masoom & Vishal Vijay Kumar tries to re-create “Ghayal” through its main protagonist Arun Mehra, but somehow fails miserably. The main issue of the story & the screenplay is its confused genre whether it is a movie on youth or a revenge drama or a thriller or an out and out action movie, till the end the audience could not make out. Just showcasing technological advancement does not make it a modern and contemporary movie. “Ghayal Once Again” tries to be under the shadow of its original “Ghayal”, but the problem is times have changed and the way a story is narrated is completely different in 2016 than how it was told in 1990. The screenplay follows the age old style of narration which falls flat, especially in the second half when unnecessary emotional twists are introduced which has no relevance what so ever. All the characters including the main protagonist Arun Mehra look like card board characters straight out of a below average Bollywood potboilers from the 80’s….

The dialogues by Vishal Vijay Kumar is too 90’s and sounds artificial. Having some English dialogues does not necessarily mean that it is today’s lingo. None of the dialogues make any impact in this high octane melodrama…

The biggest flaw of the movie are its performances, starting from Sunny Deol as Arun is over the top and repetitive shouting and screaming in the name of acting really bogs you down. The young debutants Shivam Patil, Anchal Munjal, Diana Khan and Rishab Arora are complete wash out as far as their performances goes, they look outright unconvincing. Narendra Jha as Raj Bansal is the only decent performance amongst the entire cast, though weak writing puts his performance down. Soha Ali Khan as Dr Rhea looks perpetually lost throughout the movie. Manoj Joshi as the Home Minister Appa Saheb overacts and hams incessantly. Other actors like Ramesh Deo, Zakir Hussain, Sachin Khedekar, Tisca Chopra, Neena Kulkarni, Nadira Babbar and Om Puri are wasted in small roles.

Sunny Deol as a director has only emphasised on the CGX which I must say is good, but fails to put a soul into the movie neither through its writing nor by extracting good performances from his ensemble cast. Sunny Deol’s first movie “Dillagi” was still better than “Ghayal Once Again”. In this movie Sunny completely looses track of what he intends to show….

Definitely an extremely weak attempt…I will go with One and a Half star….

Movie Rating: 1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5)