Official Trailer : Kill Dil

YRF and Shaad Ali come together again after their not so successful “Jhoom Barabar Jhoom” (2007). The movie has an interesting ensemble cast of Govinda, Ranveer Singh, Ali Zafar and Parineeti Chopra. Govinda plays the role of a antagonist and both Ranveer Singh & Ali Zafar play assasins.

The official trailer gives a feel of a Bollywood version of a Quinton Tarantino movie; interestingly the title of the movie has also been inspired by Quinton Taratino’s movie Kill Bill. Shaad Ali for the first time is trying a movie in action genre, his previous movies have been romantic frothy movies like Saathiya, Bunty Aur Babli and Jhoom Barabar Jhoom.

Music is by Shankar Ehsaan Loy and lyrics by Gulzar, can they re-create the magic of Bunty Aur Babli and Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, well we have to wait and watch.

The movie releases on 14th Nov’14……

Movie Review : Daawat-E-Ishq

Daawat-E-Ishq: A undercooked story with tangy tadka of good performance

For the last few movies YRF has painstakingly tried to break the mould of the quintessential YRF movieDaawat
format and gone ahead in making movies which are based in smaller towns and stories which are more
realistic and says the stories of the common man.

“Daawat-E-Ishq” is on the similar lines with Habib Faisal, YRF’s in- house writer director. Habib’s
previous movies like “Do Dooni Chaar” and “Ishaqzaade” explores the middle class and the small town
sensibilities with élan. In “Daawat-E-Ishq” he tries it again with a social message on dowry and Section
498 (A) which is law against people who take dowry.

Story and screenplay by Habib himself in association with Jyoti Kapoor explores the story of Gulrez Qadir
(Parineeti Chopra) a sales girl in a shoe store and her father Abdul Qadir (Anupam Kher). Abdul’s attempt
to get his daughter married fails every time due to the dowry demand from the prospective groom’s.
Completely disillusioned the father daughter duo take up an unusual route to solve their issue and go to
Lucknow where they meet Tariq Haider, owner of the famous Haidiri Kebab Restaurant in Lucknow. What
culminates between these three is the crux of the rest of the story.

The weakness of the script is the beginning and the climax. The narration in the beginning takes time to
build up till the action shifts to Lucknow and the climax looks too hurried without any emotional quotient
or depth. Habib tries to keep the narration simple but it becomes too simple at times. The con acts in the
movie looks a bit too farfetched. The main attraction of the script are its three principal characters
Gulrez, Tariq and Gulrez’s father Abdul, these characters have been written with full conviction but the
other characters are neglected as more screen time is given to the principal chracters and the outcome is a
half baked story with some beautiful moments.

The dialogues again by Habib himself are witty and comic and he gets the dialects of both Hyderabad and
Lucknow spot on. Elahe Hiptoola’s contribution to the Hyderabadi accent cannot be ignored.

It is the performances by the principal cast which lifts the movie. Parineeti Chopra as Gulrez yet again
gives a sparkling performance especially her Hyderabadi dialect is so convincing. Aditya Roy Kapur was a
surprise packet for me; his portrayal of Tariq Haider is brilliant; right from his body language to his
dialect everything is spot on. Anupam Kher strikes back again with his portrayal of Gulrez’s meek and not
so confident father Abdul Qadir, watching Anupam after “Special 26” in his elements was a treat. Television
actor Karan Wahi debuts in this movie but is least impressive. Rests of the cast do not have much to do in
this movie.

Himam Dhanija’s cinematography is good and captures the by lanes of Hyderabad and Lucknow well. Production
design by Mukund Gupta is well done which complements the narration.

Music by Sajid Wajid is just a wee bit more than average, the title song and Mannat are the two
compositions which stand out, but unfortunately the filming of both the songs are average.

Habib could have made it better with some strong writing but he misses the plot. An attempt which is half
baked, I will go with 3 stars…

Movie Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Movie Review : Khoobsurat 2014

Khoobsurat: A Beautifully gift wrapped Bland Story

Khoobsurat_Poster_2“Khoobsurat” is the first Offering of Disney in India in association with Anil Kapoor Productions. The producers claimed that it was the remake of Hrishikesh Mukerjee’s 1980’s classic of the same name.

So a fantastic script and a reputed banner which is famous worldwide for making fairy tale romances, you expect a beautiful fairy tale saga. But alas that did not happen. The original story of D.N Mukherjee is adapted and contemporized by Indira Bisht. The story shifts from an upper middle class set up as per the original to a Royal Family of Sambhalpur. The Queen Nirmala Devi is a strict disciplinarian and no nonsense woman whose life is like a time table and she expects the same from her son Vikram Rathod (Fawad Khan), her daughter and her husband the King of Sambhalpur (Aamir Raza Hussain). Things become topsy turvy for them when Dr Milli Chakravorty (Sonam Kapoor) a physiotherapist enters their life.

The screenplay by Indira Bisht lacks the soul which was the main attraction of the original; instead what we get is a run down version of the original. One of the flaw is the pace, it is too lethargic and slow. Secondly the love story between the Prince and Milli just does not pick up. Thirdly most of the characters look unreal and cardboard like. The only good thing about the screenplay is the interactions of Milli with her mother Manju on Skype. In a nutshell till the end the script does not pick up and lacks depth.
Dialogues by Juhi Chaturvedi make the narration a bit interesting with some witty and funny dialogues but even she could not salvage a weak script.

It is the performances by the ensemble cast that keeps the interest level to some extent. Ratna Pathak Shah as Rani Nirmala Devi, a role which was enacted by her mother Dina Pathak in the original, gives a good performance. Kirron Kher as Manju Chakrovorty, Milli’s mother gives a crackling performance and is the highlight of the movie; she makes you laugh and keeps the interest intact. Aamir Raza Hussain as the King does a decent job but his character falls flat because of the weak writing. Fawad Khan the heartthrob of Pakistan who debuts in this movie and plays the Prince, Vikram Singh Rathod, does a good job and shows the spark albeit in his case as well the writing pulls down his performance, but his charm does the job. Now the main character Dr Milli Chakravorty played by Sonam Kapoor is the most inconsistent performance of the movie, in some sequences she goes overboard in her goofy acts, and after some time you are tired. I do not blame her completely but the script pulls her down as well. I think she was a miss cast as Dr Milli Chakravorty.

Shashanka Ghosh after an impressive “Waisa Bhi Hota Hai Part II” and the quirky over the top movie “QuiK Gun Murugan” gives us an unimpressive remake of “Khoobsurat”. I think he went overboard in making this movie into a fairy tale but lost the plot in the bargain.

Sneha Khanwalkar’s music is different but I thought that it did not gel with the concept of the movie; the music should have been frothier for such a movie. Production Design by Shruti Gupte is good and gives a fairy tale touch to the narration. Costumes by Uma Biju, Karuna Laungani and Raghavendra Rathore is spot on, especially Raghvendra Rathore’s designs for the royal family.

Only if a look of a movie was enough for a interesting watch but unfortunately you need a tight script to make the narration interesting, and “Khoobsurat” lacks an interesting script I will go with 2 and a Half stars (Half additional for Kirron Kher’s performance)…..

Movie Review : Finding Fanny

Finding Fanny: A quirky tale with a Soul

Homi Adajania is back after his commercial mainstream outing in “Cocktail” to what he does best, tell another Finding Fannyquirky tale of dysfunctional individuals which he convincingly told with his debut “Being Cyrus”.

“Finding Fanny” let me warn is not your run of the mill movie, it is abstract in its narration but the soul is at the right place.

Homi Adajania adapts Kersi Khambata’s story again after “Being Cyrus”. “Finding Fanny” primarily tells the story of five individuals Angie (Deepika Padukone), her mother-in-law Rosie (Dimple Kapadia), her naïve affable friend Ferdie (Naseeruddin Shah), her mother-in-law’s admirer Don Pedro (Pankaj Kapur) and her brooding secret lover Savio Da Gama (Arjun Kapoor). Based in a small village of Goa Pocolim, the story unfolds when these five principle characters take a road trip to find Ferdie’s love, whom  he confessed love 46 years back Stefanie Fernandes a.k.a “Fanny” (Anjali Patil). How each character comes to his own and discovers themselves is what the story is all about.

The story premise by Kersi Khambata is wafer thin but it is the screenplay which accentuates the narration. It is the situations that make the story funny; each character is defined well with their set of eccentricities and insecurities. Kersi has done a brilliant job in defining the characters well. But I felt the proceeding goes from quirky to awry as the movie comes to an end. The climax could have been written better. But overall the pace never dips and at the end you have a smile. Well as I said earlier this is not your conventional film so do not expect the obvious.

The Dialogues written by Kersi and Homi is the highlight of the movie which complements the narration and lifts the scenes. They are brilliantly written with subtle humor but the impact is hilarious.

It is the performances by the ensemble cast which is a major highlight and the reason why the movie is a delight to watch. Homi undoubtedly had an enviable cast. Naseeruddin Shah as Ferdie, the emotional affable post master is brilliant. Naseer underplays his character,he has modulated his voice and his body language to portray Ferdie and the outcome is just mind-blowing.  Pankaj Kapur who plays the eccentric lusty painter Don Pedro, he again proves his brilliance with this portrayal. Although amongst the five characters, Don Pedro’s character is wafer thin as far as the writing goes but Pankaj Kapur with his portrayal takes the character to the zenith. It was delight to watch both the thespians in one frame. Dimple Kapadia as Rosie is brilliant and gives one of her best performances; she captures the nuances of Rosie’s character well. Deepika Padukone again gives a good performance with Angie, Homi extracts another cracker performance after her Veronica act in “Cocktail”. Arjun Kapoor as Savio, the brooding loser and lover shows his range as an actor.

Anil Mehta’s cinematography is so breathtaking that after watching the movie you want to take a trip to Goa. He captures the old Goa so well, something which has not been highlighted well after “Trikaal”. Goa‘s beauty lies beyond the beaches as well and Anil has captured it brilliantly.

Costumes by Anaita Shroff Adajania are so well done that it actually blends with the narration and does not look out of place. Production Design by Manisha Khandelwal is another highlight, every detail is painstakingly executed. The last highlight being the Music by Mathias Duplessy especially the backgrounds score, it just transports you to another world.

Homi Adajania breaks the conventional norms of film making and tries to create an Indian “Little Miss Sunshine”; well he partially succeeds as well. The movie’s unconventional take makes it for niche audience and it may not find takers in the masses. I will go with Four Stars….

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Movie Review : Creature 3D

Creature 3D: This Fear has No Face

Creature 3DJust like Ramsays in the 80’s and early 90’s were the pioneers in the horror genre, similarly Vikram Bhatt is creating his niche in this genre, well now with technology like VFX and 3D Format.

But after watching “Creature” I felt that Vikram Bhatt has not really grown after his major hit in this genre “Raaz” in 2001. The tag line of the movie says “Fear has a New Face”, well unfortunately Vikram offers nothing new to accentuate the fear other than the VFX created monster.

“Creature” tells the story of Ahana (Bipasha Basu) who purchases a property in a hill station Glendale in Himachal and starts a Boutique hotel. Things go awfully awry when her guests start getting attacked by a monster or Bhramha Rakshash. How the damsel in distress fights against the monster forms the crux of the story.

Story by Vikram Bhatt himself and screenplay by him and Sukhmani Sadana has nothing new. It is clichéd and the first half takes enough time to build up, with sub plots of Ahana’s father and his suicide and the not so happening love story of Ahana and Kunal (Imran Abbas) which basically wastes a lot of screen time in songs and the mythological twist of Bhramha Rakshah almost kills the movie and what we get is a half baked VFX driven bland script. Some sequences in the movie instead of making your jump from the seat, makes you laugh. Overall the writing has immense flaws and too dated.

The dialogues by Girish Dhamija is so outdated that you feel you are watching a movie from the 90’s, some dialogues are unintentionally funny like when the Kunal tells Ahana referring to bank officials as vultures, Ahana replies she is not dead yet.

The narration by Vikram Bhatt is sluggish and looks dated and in many sequences you are reminded of “Raaz”, Vikram Bhatt’s blockbuster of 2001 which was 13 years back. I think Vikram needs to re-invent his style.

Performances by the cast also do not help. Bipasha Basu who plays Ahana has a perpetual frown on her face throughout the movie and looks confused. Bipasha repeats her “Raaz” act again but she forgot that “Raaz” was 13 years back and times have changed, overall she gives a below average performance. Debutant Pakistani actor Imran Abbas as Kunal is least impressive and has only one expression for all the scenes whether it was Romantic, Sad or Fearful. Mukul Dev as Professor Sadana sleep walks through his portrayal, cannot blame him as the character was written half baked. Rests of the cast are equally unimpressive.

Music by Mithoon has no soul and the choreography by Raju Khan is extremely mediocre. It is only the VFX generated monster which looks like a amalgamation of Hollywood creatures from Aliens, Predator and Jurrassic Park, is impressive.

“Creature” could have been India’s answer to “Predator”, but alas the outcome is too bland and mediocre, even the 3D format could not salvage a weak script and sluggish narration. I will go with “One & a Half Star”….

Synopsis of Bollywood Movies This Weekend : 12th Sept’ 14

Finding Fanny

Creature 3D

Finding Fanny Creature 3D
“Finding Fanny” is director Homi Adajania’s next and looking at the promos it feels that Homi is back to his form of “Being Cyrus” mould. The movie has an impressive ensemble cast of Nasseruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia, Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor.

The story revolves around five dysfunctional characters of Fredie, Rosie, Don Pedro, Angie and Savio who take a road trip to find Fredie’s love Stefanie Fernandes whom Fredie had confessed his love 46 years ago through a letter which never reached Stefanie.

The movie is being produced by Dinesh Vijan and presented by Fox Star Studios. Performances by the principal cast would be the sole highlight of the movie. The movie is a bilingual in English and Hindi and releases tomorrow 12th Sept’14.

“Creature” is a monster sci-fi thriller directed by Vikram Bhatt staring Bipasha Basu, Pakistani actor Imran Abbas Naqvi & Mukul Dev as the principal cast.

The story happens when Ahana decides to buy a property in a secluded hill and converts it into a hotel, problem starts when the guests gets attacked by a mysterious creature and are killed. Ahana decides to fight the evil.

Presented by T-Series and produced by Bhushan Kumar and Kishan Kumar the movie has music by Mithoon and Tony Kakkar. In accentuate the horror quotient the movie is being presented in 3D.

It looks like a quintessential Vikram Bhatt horror movie which he has mastered all these years, and Bipasha seems to have a meaty role after a not so important role in “Humshakals”. The main focus would be on the VFX as well. Let us see whether this movie would be the India’s answer to “Predator”. The movie release tomorrow 12th Sept’14.

Movie Review : Mary Kom

Mary Kom: An Inspiring story with a Sincere Effort

Many times when you watch a movie especially a biopic which has an inspiring story you may overlook the flaws and technicalities, such was my experience with “Mary Kom”.

Debutant Director Omung Kumar brings life the story of Boxing Champion “Mary Kom”. The story & screenplay of Saiwyn Qadras charts the Mary Kom Reviewjourney of a daughter of a simple farmer Mangte Chungneijang from Manipur to becoming the 5 times World Champion MC Mary Kom or Magnificent Mary as she is called.

Saiwyn’s screenplay is shaky in the beginning but concludes on a high note. The first half looks more like a collage of incidents in Mary Kom’s life put on celluloid with no cohesiveness in the narration and everything is shown in a hurry which does not have any emotional connect, but in the second half the movie takes a 360 degree turn in the narration and shows us Mary Kom’s comeback after becoming a mother. The second half the narration shows a lot of depth and emotions which are depicted well concluding the movie to a high octane dramatic end. Though a lot of people will find the climax a bit dramatic but the bottom-line is at the end it strikes the right cord and you come out being proud of Mary Kom and her achievements. The other flaw in the script is that it does not delve deep in the other character’s storyline.

The dialogues by Ramendra Vashishtha and Karan Singh Rathore is good but quite inconsistent in the getting the language and the dialect right. Though the dialogues has a few Manipuri words being used but sometimes the dialect and language of the principal cast look a bit out of place especially Mary Kom’s character.

Omung Kumar’s direction is sincere and honest and it comes through in the narration especially in the second half. The one flaw in Omung’s direction is his hurried narration; he should have paid more heed to the characterization of other principal characters other than Mary Kom’s. Though being Omung’s first film as a director and choosing a biopic as a subject really needs a lot of conviction, and he shows the spark as a director.

Performance wise it is definitely Priyanka Chopra all the way. She is sincere in her portrayal as a boxer Mary Kom, her whole transformation from a glam doll to a boxer physically right from the body language to the way she talks is to be seen to believe. Frankly I had my reservations about Priyanka portraying the role but she has really surprised me with her portrayal. Another stand out performance is of Darshan Kumaar who plays Onler Kom, Mary’s husband the real pillar of strength in the boxer’s life. Darshan ‘s underplaying the portrayal gives the needed depth required, an actor to watch out for. Sunil Thapa as Mary’s coach does a good job.

I have to mention the makeup artist Subhash Shinde who really did a marvelous job of Priyanka’s transformation to Mary Kom, minute details like skin pigmentation etc has been taken care of. The production design by Omung’s wife Vanita Omung Kumar is realistic and convincing. Stunts by Parvez Shaikh and boxing choreography by Robert Miller bring the required authenticity and thrills in the boxing sequences.

Although it is not a “Million Dollar Baby”, but it is definitely an applauding attempt which is worth a watch, I will go with Three and a Half Stars…..

Movie Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

Trivia : Bollywood Influence on West

“Don’t Phunk with My Heart” by The Black Eyed Peas was inspired by Bollywood Songs

It is not always that Bollywood gets inspired by the West, but sometimes West also gets inspired by Bollywood like “Don’t Phunk with My Heart” the 2005 Grammy Award winning song by the band “The Black Eyed Peas’ was inspired by two Bollywood songs, the beginning note is inspired from the song “Ye Mera Dil Pyar Ka Deewana” from Amitabh Bachchan’s Don (1978) and the rest of the song is inspired by the song “Ae Naujawan Hain Sab” from Feroz Khan directed and acted Apradh (1972), coincidentally both the songs had music by Kalyanji Anandji, sung by Asha Bhonsle and both the songs were picturized on Helen.