Movie Review : Bharat

Bharat: An Extraordinary journey yet NOT so extraordinary

“Bharat” as the name suggests has patriotic theme throughout. Based on the 2014 Korean movie “Ode To My Father” the movie traces the journey of an ordinary man Bharat (Salman Khan) through the various events of India, right from partition till 2010.

Original Story written by Su-jin Park and adapted screenplay by Varun V Sharma and director Ali Abbas Zafar, could have been an emotional joy ride of only they had stuck to the original format. But Varun and Ali choose an alternative wherein they try to mix humour with the emotional content, and that is where somewhere the content loses its steam.


It starts with the event of partition and how Bharat is separated from his father and sister, makes an emotional and a perfect beginning. The movie progresses to Bharat in his young age wherein he works in a circus to fend for his family, the sequence is weak and ends abruptly making no sense to the overall story. The third sequence of Bharat joining the oil field in UAE where he meets Kumud (Katrina Kaif) does pull your heart strings and keeps you engaged till Intermission. The next sequence of Bharat joining the merchant Navy is the weakest and just does not make any sense to the overall proceedings, rather you feel impatient in this sequence as it goes on with no specific agenda. The movie again gets a boost in the sequence wherein “Bharat” goes in search of his father and lost sister. This sequence is the strongest and does make you choke. But again the movie dips at the climax sequence giving it a shoddy finish.

The problem with the movie is the events in Bharat’s life is not stitched properly and Emotional Quotient which is so important in a Drama dips at times. Though Varun and Ali try to make it entertaining by putting comic elements but they fail miserably. Some of the characters are not fleshed out properly and the focus is on the central character Bharat throughout. The emotion of other characters are not catered at all and you do not feel connected due to this reason. Bharat as a character is forcefully shown as a messiah. Well such characters were fine in the 80’s, but in today’s world of
realistic cinema the character looks dated. The pre climax fight sequence and the only fight sequence looks out of place and suddenly an ordinary man becomes a superman, it was just not needed. The major issue of the smovie is that, it is NOT a typical Salman Khan movie, which his fans would have been expecting. Though the movie has its moments but only moments cannot define an entire movie of 167 minutes. The biggest problem of the movie is its run time which could have been trimmed. The songs just does not gel with the story and it looks forced in the movie.

Performance wise Salman Khan as Bharat revisits his Sooraj Barjatya Prem act which is so dated in today’s time. Salman really needs to rethink his strategy if he wants to be in this race of content oriented cinema. Katrina Kaif as Kumud, Bharat’s boss and love interest still creates an impact, ignoring her accent overall she does a good job. Katrina for a change is more of histrionics and less of glamour, but I still didn’t understand the horrendous curly hair style. Disha Patani is exactly there for 5 to 8 minutes, and is there for a slight glamour. Sunil Grover as Vilaiti, Bharat’s best friend does do a good job. Jackie Shroff as Bharat’s father does shine. But the real surprise is Tabu as Meher, Bharat’s sister whose guest appearance makes you choke for sure, again confirming what brilliant actress she is. Other actors like Sonali Kulkarni, Shashank Arora, Aasif Sheikh, Kumud Mishra, Ayesha Raza Mishra are wasted in not so well written characters.

Some of the major highlights of the movie are the production design by Rajnish Hadeo, Snigdha Basu & Sumit Basu which is completely in sync with the times portrayed in the movie, Cinematography by Marcin Laskawiec adds on to the overall appeal. Though the same cannot be said about the costume design by Ashley Rebello, Alvira Agnihotri, Veera Kapur and Leena Bains as it looks inconsistent. Music is the key for any Salman Khan movie but unfortunately Bharat cannot boast of that, other than “Chashni” the rest of the songs do not create any impact whatsoever.

Director Ali Abbas Zafar wanted to make a movie which was hugely mounted and larger than life but what he gives is a mish mash of some impactful and some not so impactful sequences which looks disjointed and does not gel on an overall scheme of things. Another decision of casting Salman Khan as Bharat I thought was not a good decision, as it required a good actor and Salman maybe a star but an actor well less said the better.

There are some movies which is neither BAD nor so GOOD and you feel it could have been better well I had the same feeling after watching “Bharat”….I will go with Three Stars…

Movie Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Movie Review : Sultan

Sultan: A GOOD blend of Bollywood Masala with a hint of Realism

Since the last few years Eid is not only the celebration of the festival but also a celebration of Salman Khan’s films, and Salman’s fans have not disappointed him, and given him a 100 Crs Eidi every year….

sultan MovieBut since last year the trend of Salman Khan’s Eid releases have seen a sea change in the genre, last year it was “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” and this year it is “Sultan”, a genre which was alien to Salman and his movies. Normally Salman Khan Movies were light comedies with some typical Salman Khan histrionics which would hardly qualify as good acting and music played a vital role in their successes. But last year “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” changed it all, it was sensitive subject with prime focus on the child artist and this change was accepted by Salman fans whole heartedly. This year “Sultan” carries the baton forward.

“Sultan” tells the story of an underdog village ruffian Sultan (Salman Khan) who falls in love with Aarfa (Anushka Sharma) a women wrestler and just to woo her Sultan takes up wrestling under the guidance of Aarfa’s father Barkat (Kumud Mishra). Sultan not only wins heart of Aarfa but also his village by winning the local, district competition and also wins the Olympic Gold Medal. So much adulation goes to Sultan’s head and in the bargain loses his fame and his family more prominently his love Aarfa. But destiny knocks his door in the form of “PRO Take Down” Competition, a martial arts mixed fight competition. Whether Sultan agrees to join the competition and what happens to him is what the rest of the movie is all about…

Story wise “Sultan” does not offer anything new, rather the story is quite predictable, but we need to give writer and director Ali Abbas Zafar credit for an engaging screenplay. Again the screenplay also does not give you anything new but it is the way the movie is presented, is what stands out. Ali has written the female character of Aarfa extremely strong who kind of compliments the strong headed Sultan. The love story has some cute moments which adds the charm due to Salman’s performance. Where Ali scores is getting the emotional quotient right. Though the movie is predictable but still the audience flows with the narration which not a mean achievement for Ali. Though I felt the run time of the movie of 3 hours could have been cut short by good 30 minutes. The training sequence becomes a bit repetitive and some songs just did NOT gel with the narration. Ali does a brilliant job in the dialogues segment, he gets the dialect correct and has used the colloquial language in his dialogues which elevates the screenplay and also increases the entertainment quotient. Some dialogues are inspiring but not preachy…In a nut shell a decent job in writing…

Salman Khan just elevates “Sultan” in different level with his portrayal of a village simpleton who attains success and becomes cocky headed and falls miserably and again rises, in short his underdog act just gels with the audience expectations. It is quite evident to see how much preparation Salman did for playing Sultan, right from gaining weight to learning the Haryanvi dialect, which is a refreshing change for all Salman fans and others as well. Salman just carries the 3 hour movie on his shoulders and never falters a wee bit. Definitely one of Salman’s finest performance. Anushka Sharma as Aarfa the female wrestler compliments Salman’s portrayal. It was good to see an actress as strong as Salman in a Salman Khan movie which was missing in the last few Salman Khan outings. Anushka gets her character bang on right from the first frame and never leaves the character till the end, I must say another feather on Anushka’s cap. Another actor who did a brilliant job is Anant Sharma who plays Sultan’s closest pal Govind. Anant shines even in frames which has the mega star Salman in it, really a performance worth a mention. Another actor who is gaining prominence and proving himself with every movie is Kumud Mishra who plays Barkat, Sultan’s coach and Aarfa’s father, and again Kumud does not disappoint rather his acting is underplayed yet impactful, not a mean task to achieve for sure. Amit Sadh as Akash the wrestling championship’s owner does a decent job but in some sequences you feel that Amit is in awe of Salman which results in his performance getting diluted in some sequences.Randeep Hooda in a guest appearance as Sultan’s Coach for the PRO Take down Competition creates an impact in his brief role. Rest of the actors like Parikshit Sahani, Farruk Jaffer, Naveen Kumar also do a splendid job…

Just wanted to mention the casting director Shanoo Sharma who got correct actors for the roles which helped the movie to get the realistic feel, definitely a wonderful job done by Shanoo…

Ali Abbas Zafar after “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan” and “Gunday” gets it right with “Sultan”, he not only scores as a director but also as a writer especially the screenplay and dialogues. Where he scores is getting some brilliant performances by the cast and second getting the emotional quotient right with the writing. I would not say “Sultan” being a classic but definitely an entertaining movie with some heartwarming story…and the credit goes to Ali Abbas Zafar….

Music by Vishal-Shekhar is a good mix of masala quirky songs which is staple in a Salman Khan movie and the soothing romantic numbers. One thing I must admit that Vishal-Shekhar scored the music with the local flavor which was apt for the movie. Two songs which stand out from the album is “Jag  Ghomeya” sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and “ Sachi Muchi” sung by Mohit Chauhan and Harshdeep Kaur… and not to mention the party song “Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai”….

The production design by Rajnish Hedao is so real that it blends with the narration effortlessly. Artur Zurawski gets the earthiness of Haryana, the flavor of Purani Delhi and the glamour quotient of the competition spot on with his cinematography…

“Sultan” is the right blend of Bollywood Masala and realistic cinema, I will go with Three had a Half Star….

Movie Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

Movie Review : Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo: It is only Salman’s Prem all the way

Sooraj Barjatya has always been synonymous with good wholesome family entertainers, thriving on values and traditions of Indian society. The Indian audience whether in India or abroad has always lapped whatever Sooraj has offered, well excluding an exception of “Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon” wherein he diverted a bit and faced a lot of flak. Another highlight of Sooraj’s films has been its screenplays which stick to the basic premise of the story…

Well “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo” digresses from a normal Sooraj Barjatya movie, it gives prominence to the star Salman Khan than the basic premise, and this is where actually the movie falters. Whenever a maker gives more prominence to the star than the story and screenplay it becomes an indulgent cinema…

PRDP written by Sooraj Barjatya tells the story of the good Samaritan Pream Dilwala (Salman Khan) from Ayodhya who is a part of the local PRDP ReviewRam Leela as a narrator and who is besotted by princess Maithili (Sonam Kapoor). Trouble brews when Maithili’s fiancé Vijay Singh (Salman Khan in a double role) who is reigning the prince of Pritampura falls prey of a conspiracy and meets with an accident and is bed ridden, in order to replace the prince, Diwan Sahab (Anupam Kher) the trusted servant of the royal family replaces Prem Dilwala with the prince. How Prem Dilwala changes the relationship of the otherwise dysfunctional royal family and whether the original prince comes back and who conspires to kill the prince is what the story is all about…..

Sooraj in order to accommodate more of Salman stretches the story for a good 2 hours 55 minutes which is quite a long run, which could have been easily cut by 30 minutes. Another flaw are the song sequences which sprouts out of nowhere and slows down the pace, well song sequence have been Sooraj’s strong point somehow becomes his weak point in PRDP. Another flaw of PRDP is the screenplay which never peeks and maintains a monotonous pace both in the first half as well as the second half. The first half is dedicated to setting up the story, and second half is dedicated half to the love story of Prem and Maithili which falls flat due to lack of any chemistry between the lead pair Salman Khan & Sonam Kapoor, and rest in reconciliation of the brother and sisters of the royal family which looks too rushed and abrupt. The climax is quite weak and you feel the whole action to be forceful rather than being part of the flow. But trust Sooraj with his touch of emotional moments, and he does not falter here, some sequences especially the brother sister sequences are touchy and you feel from the heart, rather the sequences between Prem and Chandrika (Swara Bhaskar) the princess of Pritampura or the relationship between Diwan Sahab & Prem are very well written and are the emotional highlights of the movie. But overall the story and screenplay fails neither to peak emotionally neither entertains completely….

PRDP is a Salman Khan movie and he is there in every frame playing dual role of Prem Dilwala and Prince Vijay Singh, and he makes both the characters his own. He performs both the characters with panache and with complete sincerity and you can differentiate between the two characters even when they are in the same frame. Salman nails the innocence for Prem Dilwala and the arrogance of Prince Vijay Singh very well. Sonam Kapoor as Maithili looks good as the royal princess with her looks but yet again fails in histrionics and again has the same expression throughout the movie, quite a disappointment I must say which also hampers the love story of the movie due to lack of chemistry. Anupam Kher as Diwan Sahab does complete justice to his role of the confidant of the royal family; I must say an earnest performance. Swara Bhaskar as Chandrika, Vijay Singh’s sister is the strongest female role of the movie, and she gives a crackling performance. Neil Nitin Mukesh as Ajay Singh the younger brother does not have much to do, though he suits the role as far as the look goes but the same cannot be said about his performance which gets overshadowed completely. Armaan Kohli who plays the scheming villain does complete justice. Deepak Dobriyal as Kanhaiya is wasted in a half baked role, though he does complete justice to whatever was given. Rest of the cast like Sanjay Mishra, Suhasini Mulay, Sucheta Khanna, Manoj Joshi are wasted in inconsequential roles….

Technically PRDP stands high what with the excellent camera work by V Manikandan, it is a riot of colors giving an ode to the festival season and the royal theme. Production Design by Nitin Chandrakant Desai is the biggest highlight of the PRDP; the royal palaces have been mounted with perfection and become a character of the movie. Another highlight of the movie is the costumes by Alvira Khan & Ashley Rebello, the royal touch in the clothes cannot be missed and especially the jewellery was a real stand out….

Music by Himesh Reshammiya has the impeccable Sooraj Barjatya touch which is melodious yet rich in lyrical value, but top two are the title song and Diye Jalte…

This is the first time when I felt Salman dominating Sooraj Barjatya, which was not the case with their previous ventures. Sooraj rests his magnum opus on the broad shoulders of Salman Khan which will definitely bring in the moolah for the Rajshri’s
I will go with 2 and a half stars (1 extra for Salman Khan)

Movie Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)

Official Trailer: Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

The hit combination of Sooraj R Barjatya & Salman Khan is back after 16 years. Both of them last worked in “Hum Saath Saath Hain” in 1999….and now they have come together with “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo”

The story written by Sooraj Barjatya himself  is loosely based on the “The Prince & the Pauper” Salman plays a double role of Prem & Vijay. It is a typical Rajshri family saga full of songs and dances….

Salman Khan last played a double role in “Judwaa” (1997)….the rest of the ensemble cast comprises of Sonam Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Anupam Kher, Deepak Dobriyal, Swara Bhaskar, Armaan Kohli, Sucheta Khanna, Sanjai Mishra, Bina Kak & Manoj Joshi….well I must say the cast looks impressive…


Music has been a strong point for any Sooraj Barjatya movie. This time for “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo” the music has been scored by Himesh Reshammiya and lyrics by Irshad Kamil….

“Prem Ratan Dhan Payo” has been produced by Rajshri Productions and distributed by Fox Star Studios…

Whether “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo” would repeat the success of “Hum Aapke Hain Koun!!”what with the hit combination of Salman Khan & Sooraj Barjatya….well we have to wait till Diwali and 12th Nov’15 to know the verdict…

Till then enjoy the Official Trailer….




Movie Review: Hero

Hero: Not so Heroic about this HERO

HeroIn India when Star Kids are launched, their launch movies are like a talent showcase wherein the actors are presented like super heroes who can dance, do action, look the best in Hip clothes and flex muscles in case of a actor. Acting it seems is the last priority, and in this whole mayhem of showcasing their talent the story somewhere takes a back seat. I guess the last launch movie for a star kid which created a stir was “Kaho Na Pyar Hai” way back in 2000, after which none of the so called launch vehicles created any major impact….

So is the case with “Hero” which is the debut vehicle of Sooraj Pancholi (Aditya Pancholi’s son) and Athiya Shetty (Sunil Shetty’s daughter). Salman Khan decided to launch the star kids in the remake of 1983 Subhash Ghai blockbuster “Hero”, which has been contemporized by director Nikhil Advani.

The original story is by Subhash Ghai and the adapted screenplay has been written by Nikhil Advani and Umesh Bist. The movie is largely true to the original in the first half but it falls flat in the second half when the movie is given a contemporary twist. Rather “Hero” looks like two separate movies, one is the first half which is fast paced and full of action and adventure and second is the second half when the love story becomes a drag which is extremely slow, and you can make out that the writers are going nowhere and the climax being the biggest disappointment when they run out of ideas and try to close the movie somehow. Another major flaw of the screenplay is, that it does not touch you anywhere and the whole movie looks bland without the emotional connect. Even the love story between the newcomers lacks the chemistry which is a must for a love story. Sooraj’s character lacked the depth and Radha’s character had a huge hangover of Poo from Nikhil’s mentor Karan Johar’s  K3G. Another thing which is lacking in this movie is the entertain quotient which is surprisingly missing throughout the movie. Overall the writing especially the second half is extremely weak which proves to be the biggest flaw and the real reason for the movie falling flat….

Umesh Bist’s dialogues is inconsistent, sometimes it sounds too 80’s and sometimes it sounds too modern. The dialogues are not written keeping in mind with the character, like Sooraj’s character is a local Mumbai goon, but he speaks eloquent hindi. Such things are quite vital in today’s movie which may not have been true when the original movie was made way back in the 80’s.

The debutant Sooraj Pancholi as Sooraj the local goon with a heart of gold shows a spark but has a huge hangover of his mentor Salman Khan, his honesty and sincerity shows on screen and he tries hard to be convincing but unfortunately the writing pulls him down. Another debutant Athiya Shetty  as Radha is a natural and it shows on screen as well, but whether she has the tenacity to do different roles is something which we need to see. Tigmanshu Dhulia as IG Shrikant Mathur and Radha’s father gives a restrained performance and yet again proves that he is a brilliant performer. Sharad Kelkar as Radha’s brother Dheeraj Mathur is good but he just could not match Sanjeev Kumar’s histrionics from the original. Aditya Pancholi as the bad man Pasha who is Sooraj’s foster father is impressive, rather in the combo scenes between his son Sooraj and him; he overshadows him with his personality and charm which is still intact. Vivian Bathena as Ranvijay Shekhawat hams incessantly in his bad man act. Rather Sooraj’s friends played by Trishaan, Ashish Verma and Randeep Jha do a good job. Rest of the cast also do a good job….

Nikhil Advani completely looses the plot in making a launch vehicle for the two star kids Sooraj and Athiya. He should have spent more time on the script rather than the presentation and the glamour quotient which is enhanced due to the excellent camera work by Tushar Kanti Ray. Tushar captures Mumbai, Himachal & Paris with equal élan.

Another plus for the movie is the music by motley of composers Sachin-Jigar, Amaal Mallik, Meet Bros Anjaan & Jassi. The one song which creates the biggest impact is the title song “Main Tera Hero” composed by Amaal Mallik and sung by Armaan Mallik and Salman Khan, both are equally impressive. Another song which creates an impact is “Yadaan Teri” composed by Jassi and sung by Rahat Fateh Ali. The foot tapping “Dance Ke Legend” is also impressive, composed by Meet Bros Anjaan. The other love duets by Sachin-Jigar are good but not that impressive to create an impact. The original had some timeless songs by Laxmikant Pyarelal, but the same cannot be said about this “Hero”.

Salman Khan took an original from the 80’s which was a masala entertainer, which he wanted to make it modern with a contemporary twist but unfortunately it failed and Nikhil Advani who is known for frothy modern romantic movies I think was a wrong choice as a director. I felt that Rohit Shetty could have done a better job with the remake as it belonged to his genre.

Nikhil Advani could neither make a masala entertainer nor a modern love story, I will go with Two & a Half stars (One Extra star for the debutants)….

Movie Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)

Movie Review: Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Bajrangi Bhaijaan: It is all about “Being Human”

Bajrangi_BhaijaanSalman Khan movies have been quintessential masala movies with punch lines, some item no.’s and lots of chaos in the name of story & screenplay where Salman is the sole selling point of the movie. And we often blame Salman for being repetitive.

But with “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” he breaks his usual mould and he does it with élan. BB is far removed from Salman’s last few movies. It has got a story, it is subtle and Salman takes a break from his buffoonery and attempts to act in a much more defined role and plot.

The story by Vijyendra Prasad is of Munni aka Shaheeda (Harshaali Malhotra) a dumb girl from Pakistan who gets separated from her mother in India when she comes to Delhi to visit Hazrat Nizamuddin. Then she meets Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi (Salman Khan) who is lovingly called “Bajrangi” as he is a Hanuman Bhakt and a staunch shakahari Hindu. How Bajrangi finds out Munni’s actual origin and then how he takes Munni back to Pakistan to re-unite her with her parents forms the crux of the story.

The Screenplay by Vijyendra Prasad, Kabir Khan, Parvez Shaikh & Azad Hussain explores the human emotions very well. All the characters are well etched especially Pawan’s character who is unlike any of Salman’s previous characters. The bond of Bajrangi & Munni is portrayed beautifully making it more endearing to watch. It has a message of India Pakistan bonding and how the political boundaries have played havoc in the lives of both Indians and Pakistanis, but the message is put across very subtlety. It is portrayed   through the growing love and bond of Bajrangi & Munni. The main issue of the script is its pace. The first half is fully spent in setting up the story with some inane songs which could have been avoided; it is in the second half that the screenplay moves forward with various adventures of Bajrangi & Munni in Pakistan. The highlights of the screenplay are the various situations that Munni and Bajrangi go through to reach Munni’s house, there are few sequences which seems too convenient to be true but overall the impact is what matters. Though the climax looks a bit farfetched and a few glitches here and there, but overall the screenplay connects and does complete justice to the Story.

Dialogues by Kausar Munir is heart wrenching at times and comic at times, in a nutshell the dialogues compliment the screenplay and does not sound out of place.

Salman Khan breaks his earlier avatar with his character of Pawan, who is subtle, sensitive yet aggressive when required and Salman does complete justice to this character. He shows that he can portray sensitive characters with élan, and the innocence that he brings to the character makes Pawan endearing. Definitely it is Salman’s better performance in recent time and kudos to him for trying to be different. Kareena as Rasika does not have much to do; with limited screen time whatever she did, she did it earnestly. Nawazuddin Siddiqui as the Pakistani reporter Chand Nawab gives a crackling performance and his chemistry with Salman and child artist Harshaali Malhotra is a treat to watch. Nawazuddin undoubtedly is a brilliant actor which he proves with every performance. But the biggest highlight of the movie is the child artist Harshaali Malhotra who plays Munni aka Shaheeda. Since she plays a dumb girl and has no dialogues, she portrays all her emotions through her eyes, and she does it brilliantly and you will fall in love with Munni from the word go. The rest of the cast Om Puri (In a special appearance), Sharat Saxena, Alka Kaushal all do a very good job.

Aseem Mishra’s cinematography is riveting whether it is the busy bylanes of Delhi, or the hills of Jammu & Kashmir (shown as Pakistan in the movie) or the beautiful sand dunes of Rajasthan (again shown as Pakistan). Production design by Rajnish Hedao again blends with the narration, whether re-creating Pakistan in Mandawa in Rajasthan and Jammu & Kashmir or re-creating the bylanes of Delhi in ND Studio, Karjat.

Pritam returns after a long hiatus and creates an impact with the peppy “Le lele”, the quintessential Salman song, and the pre climax qawalli “Bhar do jholi Meri” sung and enacted by AdnanSami, both being the top two compositions. Other tracks though are melodious but somehow fail to make an impact. The “Chicken Song” is one of the most average compositions of the album and sounds and looks out of place.

Kabir Khan has always picked up political themes be it Kabul Express, New York or even the mainstream Ek Tha Tiger. For BB though he chooses a similar subject but emphasizes more on the human emotions and its bonding. And Kabir’s biggest achievement has been extracting a sensitive performance from Salman Khan and showing him in a new avatar. Another achievement has been extracting a heart wrenching performance from the child artist Harshaali Malhotra. The biggest achievement of Kabir is showing to  the world at large that a Salman Khan movie can also be meaningful with equal dose of entertainment and in mainstream format.

Kudos to Salman who chose such a subject for his first home production and did not take tried and tested formula movie for his production.

Really don’t know whether this movie will do the 100 crore or 300 crores but what is important is that this movie will go in the history of Bollywood as Salman’s brave attempt to do something different. I will go with 3 and a half star…..

Movie Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

If you have not seen the trailer yet, click the link below:

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Official Trailer : Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Bajrangi_BhaijaanSalman Khan has never disappointed his fans on EID every year, and this year as well he comes up with his first movie from his own production house SKF (Salman Khan Films), “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”… As the name suggests Salman plays a Bajrang Bali bhakt, Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi a staunch Hindu who comes across a dumb little girl Munni who is from Pakistan. The story & Screenplay by Kabir Khan, V.Vijendra Prasad & Parvez Shaikh charts the journey of Pawan  a.k.a  Bajrangi and Munni, and how Pawan takes Munni back to Pakistan. It has a principal cast of Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Om Puri, Deepti Naval, Sharat Saxena, Ali Quli Mirza and child artist Harshali Malhotra as “Munni”. After their successful outing of “Ek Tha Tiger” in 2012, Kabir Khan & Salman Khan comes together for the second time with “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”. It has Music by Pritam, who is coming after a hiatus. The song “Selfie Le Le Re” is already a rage…. The movie is an EROS presentation and Co-produced by Rockline Venkatesh…. Whether “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” would also be as successful as “Ek Tha Tiger” and whether the Kabir Khan & Salman Khan combo will again bring in the moolah at the box office….well we will have to wait till 17th July’15 when the film releases for the same…..till then enjoy the official trailer….

Flashback : 25 Years Of Maine Pyar Kiya

The history of Bollywood cannot be complete without mentioning “Maine Pyar Kiya”, a movie which still is fresh in the minds of the people.

Released on 29th Dec’1989, it completed 25 years on 29th Dec 2014. Even after 25 years the dialogues of the movie, the songs everything is still remembered.


“Maine Pyar Kiya” was a launch pad for Sooraj Barjatya as a director, it re-introduced Salman Khan after his not so memorable debut in “Biwi Ho To Aisi”, it introduced Bhagyashree and whole lot of character actors like Reema Lagoo, Alok Nath, Rajiv Verma & Laxmikant Berde became household names and who became regulars in many other Rajshri Production.

The Story written by Sooraj Barjatya himself was a Love story of Prem & Suman, the typical rich boy falls in love with poor girl saga. But it was the fresh approach and it was the brilliant screenplay which stood out. The Dialogues were instant hit, till today people have not forgotten dialogues like “Dosti mein no Sorry, No Thank You” or “ Daam chukaoonga is Five Star Hotel Ka…” or “Prem Ek Ladka Ladki Dost nahin hote…”.

The Movie was released in limited theatres ( Only 29) on 29th Dec 1989 and each Theatre was  equipped with 4 Track Setreophonic Sound for the release which was a part of the agreement with Rajshri for exhibiting “Maine Pyar Kiya”. Later once the movie was declared a hit it was released in other theaters but with a clause that they had to update the Sound System to “4 Track Stereophonic Sound”.

“Maine Pyar Kiya” became a blockbuster hit and the biggest grosser of 1989. Till now it has earned over Rs 660 million till date.

It made Salman Khan & Bhagyashree super stars over night. But Salman Khan was not the original choice for the role of the lead Prem, Sooraj had signed actor Faraaz Khan Son of yesteryear villain Yusuf Khan. But just before the shooting could commence Faraaz was detected of Jaundice and the set was ready and Sooraj could not afford to wait and hence signed Salman Khan who was initially not too keen to do the movie but Sooraj Barjatya convinced him and eventually he agreed and rest as it is said is history.

The Music by Raam Laxman was also a vital contributor to the film’s success, till today the songs of “Maine Pyar Kiya “ is popular like “Dil Deewana”, “Aate Jaate”, “Mere Rang Mein”….Raam Laxman also won a Filmfare award for the movie. S P Balasubramaniam also won a Filmfare award for the song “Dil Deewana” and became the voice of Salman Khan for his future movies.

“Maine Pyar Kiya” won 7 Filmfare awards for the year 1989 making it the only Bollywood movie winning highest No. of Filmfare awards till “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge “ won 11 Filmfare awards in 1995.

“Maine Pyar Kiya” was later dubbed in English by the name of “When Love Calls” which did extremely well in Guayana, Tobago and Trinidad. It was also dubbed in Telegu by the name of “Prema Paavuraalu” which ran for 25 weeks in Vishakapatnam.

“Maine Pyar Kiya” will always be in the hearts of an ardent Bollywood Lover like me and many more….thanks Sooraj Barjatya & Rajshri for giving us “Maine Pyar Kiya”…..

Flashback : Celebrating 21 years of Hum Aapke Hain Koun!

21 Years Of Hum Aapke Hain Koun!

Hum Aapke Hain Koun

After “Maine Pyar Kiya”, Sooraj Barjatya had a writer’s block and could not decide on his next film, as per his father’s suggestion he started watching Rajshri Production’s earlier films. Sooraj Barjatya was impressed by Rajshri’s previous blockbuster “Nadiya Ke Paar” and he decided to adapt this movie in a contemporary way and that is how “Hum Aapke Hain Koun!” was written. Sooraj Barjatya wrote the screenplay as a musical, which resulted in 14 songs.

“Hum Aapke Hain Koun!” created history for Hindi cinema, and it saw a change in the way Film distribution was done in Bollywood. During the 90’s there was a drop in theater viewing due to cable network, video and piracy. Rajshri Productions wanted the audience to experience the movie in the Theaters hence theater owners who wanted to show “Hum Aapke Hain Koun!” had to upgrade their theaters like installing Optical Stereo sound system.

The film released on 5th Aug 1994 with only 26 prints all over India and Rajshri Production made adequate arrangements to avoid piracy of the movie. Later due to word of mouth and immense popularity of the movie, many other theater owners agreed to upgraded their theaters in order to exhibit the movie. The cost of the tickets were increased, but it did not deter people to watch the movie in the theater, this gave around 50% spike in audience coming to theaters to watch the movie.

“Hum Aapke Hain Koun!” also opened the potential of Bollywood movie in international market and catering to the NRI Diaspora. In London the movie ran for a year. The film gave way for glamorous family dramas.

The movie earned a gross revenue of over 1 billion making “Hum Aapke Hain Koun!”the first Indian movie to earn such high revenue . People flocked to see the movie multiple times and most of its revenue came from repeat business. The famous Painter M F Hussain saw the movie 85 times.

“Hum Aapke Hain Koun!” will always be remembered as a trendsetter for Indian Cinema…


Super Star Salman Khan in the new Blockbuster releasing this Eid…Sajid Nadiadwala debuts as a Director with this film…..other star cast includes Jacqueline Fernandez , Randeep Hooda, Nawazuddin Siddiqui….Await the Blockbuster

Kick Cast & Crew
Banner : Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment & Utv Motion Pictures
Director : Sajid Nadiadwala
Release Date : 25 Jul 2014
Star Cast : Salman Khan,Jacqueline Fernandez,Randeep Hooda,Nawazuddin Siddiqui,Mithun Chakraborty,Archana Puran Singh,Saurabh Shukla,Sanjay Mishra,Kavin Dave,Sumona Chakravarti,Nargis Fakhri

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Trailer of 1989’s Blockbuster Movie MAINE PYAR KIYA

NOSTALGIA….the movie that made Super Star Salman Khan….Trailer of the Blockbuster hit of 2009 “Maine Pyar Kiya”….Re-visiting old memories when watching a movie was an event….I am sure many will have some memories to share associated with this movie