Official Trailer: Udta Punjab

udta-punjab-official-trailer“Udta Punjab” as the name suggests is based in Punjab and deals with a serious issue of drugs amongst the youth of Punjab….

Directed by Abhishek Chaubey whose earlier movies Ishqiya, Dedh Ishqiya was based in UP and was more of a love story, takes up a serious issue for this movie….

The movie primarily captures the lives of four characters played by Shahid Kapoor who plays Punjabi pop star Tommy Singh, Kareena Kapoor Khan who plays Dr. Preet Sahani, Alia Bhatt who plays Kumari Pinky a labour from Jharkhand and Diljit Dosanjh who plays Sartaj Singh a Police Inspector. Diljit who is a super star in Punjabi films debuts in Bollywood with “Udta Punjab”. Satish Kaushik also plays an important role in the movie…

Music has been scored by Amit Trivedi and lyrics by Varun Grover….

The movie has been produced by Balaji Motion Pictures & Phantom Films…

The trailer clearly shows each actor has done a role which they have not tried before and the premise looks interesting, whether this movie which looks and feels different would be appreciated by our audience, well we have to wait till 17th June 2016 when the movie releases. Till then enjoy the Official Trailer…

Ki and Ka: Movie Review

Ki & Ka: Has the Spice but still remains bland…

Ki_and_Ka_Movie_ReviewBeing different is R Balki’s forte, and “Ki & Ka” is no different. It tells us of role reversal of genders in Indian Society. Abroad house husbands are quite common, but not in India, hence a movie on house husband is a novel idea for India….

R Balki tells us the story of Kia and Kabir. Kia (Kareena Kapoor) is a high flying marketing manager who meets Kabir (Arjun Kapoor) son of a reputed builder, in a flight and subsequently they fall in love and get married..But they were a different couple, where Kabir took the responsibility of taking care of the household chores and Kia took the responsibility of being the bread earner. The movie chronicles whether the love of Kia (Ki) and Kabir (Ka) remain intact in a role reversal of sorts in a society where a “Man” is supposed to be the bread earner and the “Woman” to be the support for the “Man”…

Story & Screenplay by R Balki has a new age feel, and depicts the characters accordingly whether it is Kia’s character of a high flying corporate executive who is ambitious and a go getter or Kabir who is today’s youth who does not have any qualms of adapting to the responsibilities of a house maker or Kia’s mothers character a modern day woman who is comfortable of his daughter being an ambitious go getter and her son-in-law being the house maker. Though the characters are extremely well etched but where the writing fails is its screenplay, Balki fails to create an interesting premise for these extremely strong characters. The screenplay is flat throughout the movie not peaking even once. Rather the screenplay looks like a collaborations of incidents in the couple’s life and their tiffs which does not add any meat to the screenplay. There is not a single scene which stands out from cinematic stand point. Overall the screenplay pulls down the film, and the concept loses its inherent novelty….

It is the dialogue which tries pull up the screenplay a bit through its witty and extremely realistic lingo. The dialogues are believable and blend well with the modern theme…especially all the dialogues pertaining to gender equality and relationship sound extremely natural and realistic, something which today’s viewers would connect to…

The biggest highlight of the movie is its crackling performances by the ensemble cast. Starting with Kareena Kapoor who plays the ever ambitious Kia, well it is good to see a remarkable performance from her after a long time. Kareena again proves her mettle with her portrayal of Kia; she keeps the complexity of the character subtle which brings the freshness in her performance. Arjun Kapoor as Kabir is the scene stellar; his portrayal is effortless and makes the character endearing and lovable through his performance. Arjun shows that he can portray a sensitive character even with his rugged look. But one thing that stands out is the apt chemistry of Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor, I just hope that someone should repeat the pair in a matured love story. It was a delight to see Swaroop Sampat after a long hiatus, and mind you she does not disappoint at all, rather she adds the panache to the movie. Swaroop Sampat’s performance is effortless and brings the necessary balance between the two principal characters beautifully; I hope film makers should cast her more often now. Rajit Kapoor as the Kabir’s businessman father has a small role but he shines with his portrayal of high handed businessman who disapproves his son’s approach to life. The cameo by Amitabh Bachchan & Jaya Bachchan is the biggest highlight of the movie, the banter between Jaya and Amitabh was cute, especially Amitabh’s sulking act won our hearts over. Rest of the support cast does not disappoint as well…

P C Sreeram yet again gives us brilliant cinematic visuals through his excellent camera work. Though with this movie which was shot substantially indoors the cinematographer had absolutely no scope to show his talent, but not with P C, he captures the love and chemistry with absolute élan…

Production Design by Rupin Suchak is innovative, especially the flat of the couple which looks like a railway station….something different from the usual home settings….

Music has never been a strong point in Balki’s movies, so is “Ki & Ka”…. Other than “High Heels” which is the revamped version of Yo Yo Honey Singh’s runaway hit and to some extent “Ji Hazoori” by Mithoon, other tracks are easily forgettable…

Just having a good concept does not suffice for a Good movie but it needs to be backed by a equally brilliant writing which unfortunately is the biggest flaw in R Balki’s screenplay, which is flat throughout the movie…But where Balki scores his getting some brilliant performances from the lead pair and other cast, something which he has been doing brilliantly in his previous movies as well. But Balki’s writing which was brilliant in “Cheeni Kum” and “Paa” was unfortunately seen missing in “Shamitabh” and in “Ki & Ka”, but knowing Balki we are sure he will bounce back with an excellent story again… till then give me “Paa” or “Cheeni Kum” anyday….

For its novel idea and brilliant performances I will give “Ki & Ka”….3 stars…

Movie Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


Official Trailer: Ki & Ka

Ki_and_Ka_Official_TrailerTrust R Balki to come up with something extremely different right from his first movie “Cheeni Kum” (2007), Paa (2009), Shamitabh (2015) and now “Ki & Ka”….

“Ki & Ka” as the name sounds different so is the plot wherein Kia (Kareena Kapoor) and Kabir (Arjun Kapoor) our quintessential urban modern couple do a role reversal, where Kabir decides to be the house husband and Kia decides to be the career woman who will take care of house hold expenses. So will our Indian society accept this unusual couple is what the movie is all about….R Balki himself has written the script….

R Balki has taken an unusual pairing of Kareena Kapoor & Arjun Kapoor and the rest of the cast comprises of Swaroop Sampat (making a comeback), Rajit Kapoor and Amiabh Bachchan & Jaya Bachchan in a cameo….well quite an interesting cast I must say…

R Balki again teams up with P C Sreeram for cinematography and for music he again teams up with Illaiyaraja, but to give a contemporary sound Balki has also used Mithoon and Meet Bros Anjan to score the music for Ki & Ka…

The movie has been produced by R Balki, Sunil Lulla, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala & R K Damani….under Hope Productions and distributed by Eros International….

The movie releases on “Fools Day”, 1st April’16….till then enjoy the Official Trailer…..

Movie Review: Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Bajrangi Bhaijaan: It is all about “Being Human”

Bajrangi_BhaijaanSalman Khan movies have been quintessential masala movies with punch lines, some item no.’s and lots of chaos in the name of story & screenplay where Salman is the sole selling point of the movie. And we often blame Salman for being repetitive.

But with “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” he breaks his usual mould and he does it with élan. BB is far removed from Salman’s last few movies. It has got a story, it is subtle and Salman takes a break from his buffoonery and attempts to act in a much more defined role and plot.

The story by Vijyendra Prasad is of Munni aka Shaheeda (Harshaali Malhotra) a dumb girl from Pakistan who gets separated from her mother in India when she comes to Delhi to visit Hazrat Nizamuddin. Then she meets Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi (Salman Khan) who is lovingly called “Bajrangi” as he is a Hanuman Bhakt and a staunch shakahari Hindu. How Bajrangi finds out Munni’s actual origin and then how he takes Munni back to Pakistan to re-unite her with her parents forms the crux of the story.

The Screenplay by Vijyendra Prasad, Kabir Khan, Parvez Shaikh & Azad Hussain explores the human emotions very well. All the characters are well etched especially Pawan’s character who is unlike any of Salman’s previous characters. The bond of Bajrangi & Munni is portrayed beautifully making it more endearing to watch. It has a message of India Pakistan bonding and how the political boundaries have played havoc in the lives of both Indians and Pakistanis, but the message is put across very subtlety. It is portrayed   through the growing love and bond of Bajrangi & Munni. The main issue of the script is its pace. The first half is fully spent in setting up the story with some inane songs which could have been avoided; it is in the second half that the screenplay moves forward with various adventures of Bajrangi & Munni in Pakistan. The highlights of the screenplay are the various situations that Munni and Bajrangi go through to reach Munni’s house, there are few sequences which seems too convenient to be true but overall the impact is what matters. Though the climax looks a bit farfetched and a few glitches here and there, but overall the screenplay connects and does complete justice to the Story.

Dialogues by Kausar Munir is heart wrenching at times and comic at times, in a nutshell the dialogues compliment the screenplay and does not sound out of place.

Salman Khan breaks his earlier avatar with his character of Pawan, who is subtle, sensitive yet aggressive when required and Salman does complete justice to this character. He shows that he can portray sensitive characters with élan, and the innocence that he brings to the character makes Pawan endearing. Definitely it is Salman’s better performance in recent time and kudos to him for trying to be different. Kareena as Rasika does not have much to do; with limited screen time whatever she did, she did it earnestly. Nawazuddin Siddiqui as the Pakistani reporter Chand Nawab gives a crackling performance and his chemistry with Salman and child artist Harshaali Malhotra is a treat to watch. Nawazuddin undoubtedly is a brilliant actor which he proves with every performance. But the biggest highlight of the movie is the child artist Harshaali Malhotra who plays Munni aka Shaheeda. Since she plays a dumb girl and has no dialogues, she portrays all her emotions through her eyes, and she does it brilliantly and you will fall in love with Munni from the word go. The rest of the cast Om Puri (In a special appearance), Sharat Saxena, Alka Kaushal all do a very good job.

Aseem Mishra’s cinematography is riveting whether it is the busy bylanes of Delhi, or the hills of Jammu & Kashmir (shown as Pakistan in the movie) or the beautiful sand dunes of Rajasthan (again shown as Pakistan). Production design by Rajnish Hedao again blends with the narration, whether re-creating Pakistan in Mandawa in Rajasthan and Jammu & Kashmir or re-creating the bylanes of Delhi in ND Studio, Karjat.

Pritam returns after a long hiatus and creates an impact with the peppy “Le lele”, the quintessential Salman song, and the pre climax qawalli “Bhar do jholi Meri” sung and enacted by AdnanSami, both being the top two compositions. Other tracks though are melodious but somehow fail to make an impact. The “Chicken Song” is one of the most average compositions of the album and sounds and looks out of place.

Kabir Khan has always picked up political themes be it Kabul Express, New York or even the mainstream Ek Tha Tiger. For BB though he chooses a similar subject but emphasizes more on the human emotions and its bonding. And Kabir’s biggest achievement has been extracting a sensitive performance from Salman Khan and showing him in a new avatar. Another achievement has been extracting a heart wrenching performance from the child artist Harshaali Malhotra. The biggest achievement of Kabir is showing to  the world at large that a Salman Khan movie can also be meaningful with equal dose of entertainment and in mainstream format.

Kudos to Salman who chose such a subject for his first home production and did not take tried and tested formula movie for his production.

Really don’t know whether this movie will do the 100 crore or 300 crores but what is important is that this movie will go in the history of Bollywood as Salman’s brave attempt to do something different. I will go with 3 and a half star…..

Movie Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

If you have not seen the trailer yet, click the link below:

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Official Trailer : Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Bajrangi_BhaijaanSalman Khan has never disappointed his fans on EID every year, and this year as well he comes up with his first movie from his own production house SKF (Salman Khan Films), “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”… As the name suggests Salman plays a Bajrang Bali bhakt, Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi a staunch Hindu who comes across a dumb little girl Munni who is from Pakistan. The story & Screenplay by Kabir Khan, V.Vijendra Prasad & Parvez Shaikh charts the journey of Pawan  a.k.a  Bajrangi and Munni, and how Pawan takes Munni back to Pakistan. It has a principal cast of Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Om Puri, Deepti Naval, Sharat Saxena, Ali Quli Mirza and child artist Harshali Malhotra as “Munni”. After their successful outing of “Ek Tha Tiger” in 2012, Kabir Khan & Salman Khan comes together for the second time with “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”. It has Music by Pritam, who is coming after a hiatus. The song “Selfie Le Le Re” is already a rage…. The movie is an EROS presentation and Co-produced by Rockline Venkatesh…. Whether “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” would also be as successful as “Ek Tha Tiger” and whether the Kabir Khan & Salman Khan combo will again bring in the moolah at the box office….well we will have to wait till 17th July’15 when the film releases for the same…..till then enjoy the official trailer….

Review : Singham Returns

Singham Returns: A complete Rohit Shetty masala fare

There are some movies which defy all logic but still you enjoy it and “Singham Returns” is one such movie…
The movie begins with a startling message “There are only 47000 people employed in the Mumbai Police force to protect 1.85 cr civilians of Mumbai”, Review Singham Returnsthis message actually started me thinking. Well this movie is Rohit Shetty’s tribute to Mumbai Police.

This time Bajirao Singham (Ajay Devgn) is posted in Mumbai where he finds himself in between political tussle between Guruji’s (Anupam Kher) party and their coalition party headed by Prakash Rao (Zakir Hussain). Prakash Rao has a strong backing in the form of Baba (Amol Gupte) who runs an Ashram which finances Prakash Rao’s party. Things turn worse for Singham when a constable of his team is found dead in an ambulance with heaps of cash. How Singham solves the mystery of his constable’s death and brings law and order in Mumbai forms the rest of the movie.

Story by Rohit Shetty tries to touch upon issue from corrupt politicians with black money to God man and politician nexus, and the role of a policeman and their sacrifices which keep the civilians safe. Screenplay by Yunus Sajawal is packed with clichéd situations of how police are puppets in the hands of the politicians, but where Sajawal’s screenplay differs is the way the police is shown to solve the issue, though a bit too farfetched especially the climax, still it conveys a very strong message. Some sequences stand out like the dead constable’s wife is forced to work as a domestic help to run the household expenses or when a women lambasts Singham when he beats his son for taking money from the corrupt politician. I thought the villain’s characters were too much of a caricature especially Baba’s. Overall the screenplay is tight and crisp but with enough cinematic liberties.

What elevates the screenplay are the impactful dialogues by Sajid-Farhad, some of the dialogues are clearly for the gallery and gets enough whistles.

Ajay Devgn as Bajirao Singham again gives an impactful performance or should I say a seeti maar performance with his trademark dialogue from the previous Singham “Atta Mazhi Satakli”, well in some scenes Ajay goes a bit overboard but looking at the response of the crowd I should say it was worth it. Kareena as Avni has nothing much to do other than looking pretty and mouthing some comic dialogues, I think Kareena should take a break from the bubbly roles that she is portraying since “Jab We Met” days. Amol Gupte’s portrayal as Baba goes overboard and he hams all throughout the movie. Zakir Hussain as Prakash Rao is a caricature, which even an actor of his caliber could not salvage as the writing is weak. The rest of the ensemble cast Anupam Kher, Mahesh Manjrekar, Ashwini Kalsekar, Dayanand Shetty, Sharat Saxena, Savita Joshi do a good job, though I felt Govind Namdeo as Singham’s father is wasted.

Action is a highlight of all Rohit Shetty movies, and this movie does not disappoint. Action designed by Rohit himself in collaboration with Jai Singh Nijjar and Suneil Rodrigues is filled with cars being blown, people flying and enough fisticuffs to keep the adrenalin rush and Dolby Sound blaring. Overall the action is typical Rohit Shetty style which an audience expects from his movies.

Cinematography by Dudley captures Mumbai well and the aerial shots and action sequences are worth a mention. Music is a big disappointment although it had an impressive lineup of composers from Jeet Ganguli, Ankit Tiwari, Meet Bros and Yo Yo Honey Singh. Rather Yo Yo Honey Singh’s song “Atta Majhi Satakli” sounds like a rip off from “Lungi Dance”.

Rohit Shetty clearly plays to the gallery and the masses and gives a paisa vasool entertainer worth an addition to the 100 crore club. I will go with 3 stars….

Movie Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Review : Ek Main Aur Ek Tu

Ek Main Aur Ek Tu: The new age Mainstream Hindi Movie….

EMAET” is coming of age mainstream Hindi Movie. The story revolves around Rahul EMAETKapoor (Imran Khan) a mama’s boy, whose parents played by Ratna Pathak Shah & Boman Irani dictate his life till he has a chance meeting with Rihana Braganza (Kareena Kapoor) in Vegas and in a drunken stupor gets married to her post which how his life changes forms the crux of the story.

You may find a slight resemblance to “It happened in Vegas” the Cameron Diaz & Ashtun Kutcher movie, but this is a much better movie. Shakun Batra defines the new age showmen of Bollywood with their fresh approach to mainstream hindi movie. Shakun’s story and screenplay is without any of the apt repeated clichés and a true date movie. The climax is the highlight of the movie and Shakun does not fall in the trap of the typical hindi movie and gives a very mature and practical end. The screenplay is the highlight of the movie which chronicles 25 days of the lead pair and is very fresh. Do not expect any melo-drama or over the top sequence, it is subtle but impactful.

The Kareena Kapoor & Imran Khan pairing has an unusual chemistry and they successfully balance their act. Especially Imran Khan who does a commendable job and Kareena Kapoor again re-establish the fact that she is the true Diva with her brilliant portrayal of Rihana Braganza. The support cast like Ratna Pathak Shah, Boman Irani, Soniya Mehra, Ram Kapoor do justice to their respective characters.

The Cinematography of David Mac Donald is breath taking and captures Las Vegas and Mumbai beautifully. Music by Amit Trivedi does justice to the story especially the title track, Gubbare & Aunty ji. The lyrics of Amitabh Bhattacharya is soulful especially “Gubbare”, slowly Amitabh is becoming our modern age Gulzar.

“EMAET” is your new age Hindi Masala pop corn fair. A WORTH WATCH; 4 Stars from me.