Movie Review : Adipurush

Adipurush Movie Review

Adipurush : An Epic Disaster!!

At last, the 500 cr budget much-anticipated movie ADIPURUSH has released. Honestly speaking I was very excited to see the epic on the Big screen that too in 3D format.

Adipurush as we all know is an adaptation of Ramayan so we all know the story so the makers had to work on the presentation of this epic story written by Valmiki. But alas “Sapna mera Toot Gaya”, Adipurush is a mockery of an epic and how. Starting with the casting, well the makers especially OM Raut is completely off track as far as the casting goes.

Prabhas sleepwalks through the role of Raghav, his expression is so one-dimensional that sometimes I felt it was not the actor but a CGI image of him, a huge disappointment.

Kriti Sanon as Janaki looks perplexed throughout the movie in the brief role she has.

Saif Ali Khan as Ravan tries to salvage the writing with his performance but his look and the Bad CGI of his ten heads make him a mockery. Rather Saif looked more like an extension of his character from Tanaji.

Devdutt Nage as Hanuman is the weakest, he just couldn’t understand what he was supposed to do, comedy or serious role.

Sunny Sing as Lakhman has a brief role and he looks dazed throughout the movie, not to mention is Punjabi accent dialogue delivery.

Second the CGI, it is so amateurish that you would feel you are watching a kids cartoon series in Cartoon Network, I think they are better than this. You can easily make out that the characters are standing in front of a green screen, the 3D format also didn’t help. Rather the last battle sequence feels like you are watching a video game. And if you are looking for inspiration then the CGI is heavily inspired by Harry Potter, Lord Of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Planet of Apes.

Thirdly the screenplay or should I say the lack of it, is the biggest disaster for the movie. Though the run time is 3 hrs but Om Raut who is also the writer couldn’t do justice to the epic. Rather the screenplay is so flat that you tend not to connect to what was happening on screen, with absolutely ZERO emotional Quotient. Rather some sequences are so ridiculous that you gasp, like the intro scene of Raghav or scenes wherein Ravan’s ten heads are talking to each other, or the most ridiculous Ravan is being massaged by an anaconda. Disaster!!

Fourthly the dialogues, which are so cringeworthy that you are embarrassed while watching. Imagine Hanuman saying “ Kapde tere baap ki, tel tere baap ki, ab lanka lagegi tere baap ki, or yeh tere bua ka bagecha hai jo ghumne chala aaya. Dialogues should have been the driving force of the screenplay but it is a complete letdown.

And last and definitely not least, the Costume styling of the characters is absolutely off. When makers are making a costume drama especially when adapting an epic book like Ramayan, styling and costumes needs to be correct. But Adipurush makes a mockery of this as well, especially Ravan’s styling, it is so ridiculously styled that you would cringe in the very first appearance. The same goes with Hanuman’s get-up, his look is so average that you didn’t feel that we are watching Hanuman the God. Similar is the case of other characters especially Bhibhishan and Indrajeet who look as if they just walked out of the set of Game of Thrones.

What saves the movie is Ajay-Atul’s music and background score.

In a nutshell, Adipurush is a complete disaster and has nothing new to offer, rather I would recommend to please see the TV Serial made by Ramanand Sagar for a better watch.

Jai Shri Ram.


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