Movie Review: Judgementall Hai Kya

Judgementall Hai Kya

Judgementall Hai Kya: Too mental to be Judgemental

On the onset let me warn “Judgementall Hai Kya” is not your regular Bollywood movie which follows a set pattern. Well I may say with this movie it is really DIFFERENT. Right from the concept to the presentation to the performance all are nothing that you may have seen in Bollywood Judgementall Hai Kyabefore.

“Judgementall Hai Kya” tells us the story of Bobby Batliwala Garewal (Kangana Ranaut) who suffers from mental issues due to what she went through during her childhood. A dubbing artist by profession, things change for her when young married couple Keshav (Rajkumar Rao) and Reema (Amyra Dastur) come to live as her tenant. Things gets more complicated when there is murder and both stand as a prime suspect.

Written by Kanika Dhillon, the story delves into the complexities that come with mental illness in a serious way, and the dark comedy cum whodunit screenplay goes extremely well in the first half and sets the tone, but it is the second half what you get is run down, extremely sluggish narration leading us to a shoddy and hurried climax. Rather the climax is so hurried that you feel that a lot of questions remain unanswered. Especially the last 30 minutes of pre climax and climax ,is so all over the place that you start feeling Mental and you want it to get over as soon as possible. Kanika’s inclusion of the Ramayan angle felt forced and the whole “Birdman” kind of narration takes you nowhere. The 2 hour long movie seems extremely stretched and too long because of a faulty second half.

Where the movie scores the highest is the performance by the lead pair, Kangana as Bobby is just so brilliant that you start empathizing with her though you know the character is doing wrong, she gets the beat bang on from the first frame. Rajkumar Rao as Keshav tends to retain the mystery of his character till the very end, which I thought was commendable and a performance par excellence. Another actor who creates an impact is Hussain Dallal as Varun, Bobby’s virgin desperate boyfriend cum manager. He just grabs the attention whenever he is on screen and gives you the required laughs, rather I must admit he had some of the funniest lines in the movie. Jimmy Shergill, Amyra Dastur, Amrita Puri, Satish Kaushik and Brijendra Kala though good, but could hardly create any impact due to their brief and not so well written characters.

Pankaj Kumar’s brilliant cinematography lifts the movie and adds to the mystery and quirkiness of the treatment. Another aspect which creates the magic for the movie is its background score by Daniel B George which accentuates the scene and gives the required impact.

This is Prakash Kovelamudi’s first Bollywood movie after his stint in South. Prakash really tries hard to be different, and I applaud him for the same, but you cannot justify a different concept without a strong script and this where Prakash fails. Though he does a brilliant job in getting a top notch performance from the principal cast and also in presenting the movie in a completely different mold, but he fails miserably to connect with the audience and goes haywire in the second half of the movie. This could have been a path breaking movie but alas it was not meant to be.

Judgementall Hai Kya is like a dish which looks great in presentation and look, with the correct ingredients, but when you eat it, you cannot make up your mind whether it was good or bad. This is the same feeling I got when I came out of the theatre completely confused whether I liked it or I hated it.

I will go with two and a Half Stars.

Movie Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)

I will go with