Review : Ghancakkar

Ghancakkar: A complete chaos in the name of comedy

Rajkumar Gupta takes a break from the realistic brooding movies like “Aamir “ & “No One Killed Jessica” and tries his hand in comedy and the result is a complete chaos in the name of cinema.

The story is of a pro bank robber Sanjay Atre (Emraan Hashmi) who successfully loots a bank with Pandit (Rajesh Sharma) & Idris (Namit Das) and after the loot they decide to share the booty after 3 months. But when Pandit and Idris contact Sanju for the booty after 3 months they are shocked to realise that Sanju has lost his memory and does not remember where has he hidden the loot. The story revolves around as to how Sanju remembers where he hid the booty.

The story & screenplay by Parvez Sheikh & Rajkumar Gupta lacks the sleekness and the punch of a thriller and the climax is a downer. The movie is very slow in parts.

For the first time Vidya Balan completely falls flat in her portrayal of Neetu, a chirpy punjabi girl, she is very repetitive and after one point becomes irritating and her over the top avatar does not help much. Emraan Hashmi manages a decent performance. But Rajesh Sharma and Namit Das steal the show from the lead pair.

Music by Amit Trivedi is also not upto the mark and is more of a cacophony. Cinematography by Setu is decent but since the whole movie is limited to an apartment, there is not much that a camera man could show.

Overall Rajkumar Gupta dissapoints and Ghancakkar falls flat on its expectations. I will go with 2 STARS only for the performance of Rajesh Sharma & Namit Das.

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