Movie Review: Kaabil

Kaabil: A Revenge Saga with a Twist

Kaabil Movie Review“Kaabil” as any other Sanjay Gupta movie is an inspired piece work, the movie takes cues from 1990 movie “Blind Fury” and the 2014 Korean movie “Broken”, but still stands out as an original overall.

“Kaabil” tell us the story of a blind couple Rohan Bhatnagar (Hrithik Roshan) a dubbing artist and Supriya (Yami Gautam) who works for a NGO, they meet and decide to spend the rest of their lives in blissful matrimony, but destiny has other plans and their lives get shattered when the local corporator’s brother Amit Shellar (Rohit Roy) plays havoc in their lives. Whether Rohan stands up against the bad guys even with his blindness is what the movie is all about..

“Kaabil” plot wise is your regular revenge drama wherein the main protagonist takes vengeance against the wrong doers, but where Vijay Kumar Mishra’s story stands out, it is the blind angle. Beginning with the love story of the couple who are not ordinary, Vijay creates enough impact with his writing that you have a smile on your face when you see the love story of the blind couple. Small instances are incorporated to make the love story warm and heartfelt, connecting the audience with the two main characters, which creates the base. So when things start going wrong for the couple you as an audience start feeling the pain of being helpless like the couple, Vijay gets that bang on. Then the complete preparation and planning of the main protagonist to avenge the bad is meticulously shown with surprise elements thrown in for the requisite twists. Vijay Mishra takes care of not showing the protagonist Rohan as a super hero, but puts elements of vulnerability in the sequences. Vijay Kumar Mishra gets the premise, the plot and the entire screenplay right from the word go, but where the script falls short is its pace. At times the screenplay slacks a bit in pace especially due to the song sequences, too many songs just slackens the pace. Being a thriller the screenplay could have been a bit tighter and run time could have been reduced by 15 minutes. But overall the script works, ignoring the cinematic liberties taken and the pace..

Dialogues by Sanjay Masoom are modern yet impactful and it is not on your face. Though a revenge drama Sanjay refrains from the run of the mill “Maar Daloonga” dialogues and keeps it understated as much as possible.

It is the performances which elevates the movie, especially of Hrithik Roshan who plays Rohan the blind dubbing artist, Hrithik gets the character bang on from the first shot till the end. The mannerisms to the look everything is apt and Hrithik elevates the character with his brilliant portrayal. Yami Gautam as Supriya compliments Hrithik’s act and the chemistry between both the actors makes the love story warm and appealing. Yami after “Mickey Virus” gets her due in “Kaabil” and she does not disappoint, definitely a feather in her cap. Ronit Roy as the corporator Madhavrao Shellar is just a delight to watch; with every performance Ronit is upping his game. Ronit gets the dialect to the mannerism bang on, and most of the time his eyes plays the terror brilliantly. In contrast Ronit’s real life brother Rohit Roy who also plays the reel life brother Amit, somehow does a satisfactory job, not creating too much of an impact, rather his act looks forced and enacted instead of being natural, definitely not Rohit’s best. Narendra Jha as the scheming Police Officer Chaubey does a brilliant job, his voice and his persona suits the role and his portrayal creates the requisite impact. Girish Kulkarni as the corrupt cop impresses with his irritating act, you hate him for his portrayal, which means he gets his act correct. Rest of the cast do not create too much of an impact..

Ayananka Bose and Sudeep Chatterjee’s cinematography goes from colourful to gritty as the movie progresses as per the narration. Avik Ali’s editing though manages well but could have been better..

Rajesh Roshan yet again proves that he cannot be ignored even in today’s music scenario. What is impressive about Rajesh Roshan is that he has changed with time and “Kaabil” proves that. His soulful “Kaabil Hoon” and pulsating “Mon Amour” impress and stay with you. The re-created “Haseeno Ka Zamana” which is from his own track from “Yaarana”, comes out as a completely different track with techno beats, definitely a party favourite. Kudos to Rajesh Roshan for his persistency in the ever changing music scenario, when most of his contemporaries have hung their boots, Rajesh Roshan still goes on.

At last Sanjay Gupta gets it right with his script. Technically there is no doubt that Sanjay is a brilliant director, it was the content which lacked the punch, but with “Kaabil” he proves his point that he can also get emotional quotient right. Definitely “Kaabil” sees Sanjay Gupta in a new avatar as a director.

But it is Hrithik Roshan who carries the movie on his able shoulders and proves his “Kaabiliyat” with “Kaabil”…I will go with Three and a Half Stars…

Movie Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)



Movie Review : Bang Bang

Bang Bang: All about glitz and glamour but no content

Bang Bang“Bang Bang” is Sidharth Anand’s first foray into action, a departure from his rom coms like “Salaam Namaste”, “Bachna Aai Haseeno”, “Tara Ra Rum Pum” and “Anjana Anjani”.

Officially it is the remake of Tom Cruise’s not so impressive “Knight & Day”. “Bang Bang” has a wafer thin story by Patrick O Neil about Rajveer Singh (Hrithik Roshan) a thief who steals the Kohinoor diamond from London, falls in love with a dumb damsel Harleen (Katrina Kaif) and is in search of international terrorist Omar Zafar (Danny), why, when and how is what the movie is all about…

Screenplay by Sujoy Ghosh and Suresh Nair is equally unimpressive. The central character is almost like a super hero, I think the writers created an alter ego of Krish with Rajveer Nanda who jumps, leaps, uses state of art gadgets, shows his well sculpted body and kisses his damsel with passion, he is too perfect to be believable. The plot or should I say chaos is just a collage of some action sequences, car chases in international locations and songs in beautiful locations like Greece, nothing more than that. I did not expect such a half baked plot from Sujoy, it had a premise of a sleek spy thriller but the screenplay just does not pick up. Even the love story does not strike a chord, it only has some kissing sequences, and songs which pop up from nowhere. Half hour into the movie and you can predict the narration.

Dialogues by Abbas Tyrewala is amateurish and too mundane with desh bhakti punch lines like the 80’s, even the dialogues could not salvage the bland script.

Performance wise Hrithik Roshan sleep walks through his portrayal and it felt that it was an extension of his previous character Krish. Katrina Kaif with her forced innocent act as Harleen Sahani the bank receptionist is irritating and she end up being an arm candy and only needs to look good. Danny has a hackneyed villainous character of Omar Zafar who is a quintessential bollywood villain, but his presence makes an impact. Pawan Malhotra is wasted as Intelligence Officer Dilawar, as his character is poorly written and half backed. Deepti Naval, Kanwaljit Singh, Jimmy shergill and Vikram Gokhale are wasted in insignificant cameos. Javed Jaffery as Hamid Gul has nothing much to do. In short a good ensemble cast is wasted in a half baked story.

The best aspect of the movie is its action by Parvez Shaikh, it is sleek and well choreographed. Choreography by Bosco Ceaser & Ahmed Khan is done well, especially the song “Tu Meri” song which showcased Hrithik’s brilliant moves. Music by Vishal Shekhar is foot tapping and breezy, apt for the kind of subject, even the background score by Salim-Sulaiman is good. Another highlight of the movie is the cinematography by Vikas Sivaraman and Sunil Patel which added the glitz and style to the narration.

Sidharth Anand had everything going for him in this movie, superstar Hrithik Roshan and the beautiful Katrina Kaif, Fox star as the producer did not spare any expense in making “Bang Bang” a grand cinematic experience, but it is opportunity lost due to weak and half baked script. Even Sidharth’s direction is inconsistent, he concentrated more on style and glitz and less on the content and eventually the movie falls flat.

A plot which could have been a good spy thriller, but fails miserably, I will go with 2 stars….

Movie Rating: 2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

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