Web Series Review : FEELS LIKE ISHQ

Feels Like Ishq Review

Feels Like Ishq : heart warming and brings a smile

30 minutes into HUNGAMA2 and I realised that it is definitely a waste. So started searching for content on my Fire Stick and stumbled upon FEELS LIKE ISHQ on NETFLIX. Initially was sceptical as I am not a sucker for mushy stuff but said to myself, can’t be worse than HUNGAMA 2 for sure. Hence started watching this 6 story Anthology.

First being Save The Date directed by Ruchir Arun has the incredibly talented Radhika Madan and underated Amol Parashar, well that worked because it is these two incredible actors pull through a paper thin writing and make it watchable. At the end it makes you smile.

Second being the best amongst the 6 directed by Tahira Kashyap Khurrana is QUARANTINE CRUSH….which tells the story of adolescent love in the time of Pandemic. The story is simple and the treatment as well making it relatable. The actors Mihir Ahuja and Kajol Chugh blend into the story effortlessly, especially Mihir who as an adolescent sardar steals your heart with his earnest performance. A heart warming story indeed.

Third being Star Host directed by the talented director Anand Tiwari who is a veteran in OTT content. Anand comes up with a heart warming romantic story with Rohit Saraf and Simran Jehani on how destiny plays a cupid at times. The story is simple but a treat to watch. The environment created by Anand is so relatable that at the end of it you want to go out on a trip to the hills.

Fourth being She Loves Me She Loves Me Not directed by Danish Aslam is the LGBT love story. Initially when it started I cringed but the brilliant Saba Azad and the beautiful Sanjeeta Bhattacharya make you fall for the characters, especially Sanjeeta who brings innocence to this queer love story. Only problem is the writing is too pale but still it shine because of Saba and Sanjeeta.

Fifth being The Interview directed by Sachin Kundalkar is the most unglamorous one amongst the 6, where the love story is very subtle yet heart warming, and the actors Zayn Marie Khan and Neeraj Madhav do a brilliant job. Amongst all the actors in the stories these were the best after Mihir Ahuja. Both Zayn and Neeraj make it relatable with their performance, and anyone who has struggled in a big city will instantly connect. I guess that is what happened with me.

The sixth and the last Ishq Mastaana is also last in my preference. This story directed by Jaydeep Sarkar and acted by Tanya Maniktala and Skand Thakur is the weakest both in content and execution. You can skip this story.

But overall Feels Like Ishq is heart warming and brings a smile, what else do you want in these grim days of the pandemic.

OTT Platform : Netflix

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