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Vicky Donor

Vicky Donor: An Entertaining Donor

Shoojit Sircar is back after a long hiatus after “Yahaan”, with “Vicky Donor”, the story focuses on the infertility clinics which are mushrooming and becoming a huge business giving hope to the modern day couples who cannot conceive due to stress or should I say “strass” (Punju lingo).

Story is of such an infertility clinic run by Dr Chaddha (Anu Kapoor) who is in look out of a good Sperm Donor which will help his patients conceive. Vicky DonorEnter Vicky Arora (Ayushman Khurana, VJ MTV) a happy go lucky guy from Delhi who has big dreams but does not have the inclination to work hard, so Dr Chaddha convinces him to be the Sperm Donor for his clinic and thus get paid easy money, the rest of the story deals as to what happens after he falls in love with Aushima Roy (Yami Gautam) and eventually gets married leading to a climax which has a message on the taboo subject of sperm donation.

This is another movie based on Delhi and the Delhiwallas. The story, screenplay & dialogues by Juhi Chaturvedi  is first rate and captures the dialect and the mood of Delhi well. The first half is humorous and light whereas the second half is serious and a bit slow in places, but Juhi keeps the essence of the subject intact throughout. The characters are very well etched and do not look out of place. Camera work by Kamaljeet Negi is good and captures Delhi well.

The biggest highlight of the movie is its performances. Anu Kapoor (One of the most underrated actors) does a splendid job as Dr Chaddha. The other two actors who were just brilliant were Dolly Ahluwalia as Vicky’s mother and Kamlesh Gill as Vicky’s grandmother, they just stole the show with their riveting performance and their sequences together are the highlight of the movie. Coming on to our debutants Ayushman Khurana & Yami Gautam, both are good and confident but Ayushmaan is a few notches above Yami.

Overall a complete entertaining fare with a subject which is still a taboo in India, but nowhere does the film get preachy. Shoojit Sircar yet again proves that he is not only a good Ad maker but a good director as well; he takes a taboo subject like Sperm Donation and makes a simple entertaining fare or as Dr Chaddha would sum it up as “Entertaining Sperm”.

Worth a watch, 3 stars from me….

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  1. I was most surprised at how witty the comedy was, considering I was expecting cheap toilet humour, given the subject matter. I was surprised when that wasn’t the case.

    Great Review.

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